Shark NV370 Vs NV356E

Shark NV370 and Shark NV356e can be classified as the professional vacuums and the most wanted products to be preferred (based on the sales amount in the last few months compared to the other similar products). In this article Shark NV370 vs NV356e are equated in order to decide who is better than other and to set the record straight. Indeed, who is the winner from this competition? The answer can be found in the following.

Shark NV370 Vs NV356E

The Performance Comparison of Both Products
First thing first, the similarities which are shared with those products should be discussed in the beginning. Between Shark NV370 and Shark NV356e are manufactured with similar features such as Never Loses Suction, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, and XL Capacity Portable Canister. Both of them are designed to be controlled easily with its lightweight and Swivel Steering. If you ever get troubled in operating your vacuum, you can kiss goodbye to such troublesome condition. However, they differ by judging other features. The NV370 possess more Microfiber Pads and its latest system used the Gentle Deep Clean Technology. Meanwhile, NV356e uses HEPA and lesser Microfiber Pads. What does such difference give to you? As you can see, the Microfiber Pads will significantly increase the cleaning quality. But, it doesn’t mean NV370 wins already. Notice how NV356E might not give you as much Pads as the competitor but you can expect to be free from allergic reaction and it’s all thanks to the HEPA filter!

Shark NV370 Vs NV356E

Shark NV370Shark NV356E
Key features- Gentle Deep Clean Technology - Lightweight, XL Capacity Portable Canister - Never Loses Suction + Anti-Allergen Complete Seal - Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment with 1 Microfiber Pad - Easy to Maneuver with Swivel Steering- Never Loses Suction Technology - Lightweight, XL Capacity Portable Canister - Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA - Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment with 1 Microfiber Pad - Easy to Maneuver with Swivel Steering

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The Unanimous Verdict of the Winner
From above explanation and statement of Shark NV370 vs NV356e, it can be inferred that the unanimous verdict of the winner from this competition is the Shark NV370. It occurs as the Shark NV370.can proven its upper-hand standing with the assurance of maximum cleaning and its quietness. It’s quite unfortunate to see how the inclusion of HEPA filter can’t do much in this competition. After all, the battle of vacuum is about cleaning and comfort, right?

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