Shark Navigator Deluxe Vs Lift Away

Vacuum cleaner is simply one of those vital appliances needed in every household. You just simply need it to make sure that your home always stays dust-free – especially, if you have some kind of animals with fur living inside your abode. For such needs, Shark has produced a lot of vacuum cleaner models, many of them become the best-selling products due to their high quality and exceptional performance. One of those top-tier products should be the Shark Navigator Lift Away. It works so well that it has satisfied many moms and dads. But, its initial price can somehow cause second thoughts, and that is why people decided to choose the much cheaper Shark Navigator Deluxe as an alternative. Anyhow, is it the Lift Away or the Deluxe that would serve better value? See : Shark Navigator Lift Away Vs Shark Navigator Professional.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Vs Lift Away

Basically, Shark Navigator Deluxe and Shark Navigator Lift Away consume about the same amount of energy, 1200 Watts. Both of them are designed to be able to clean various surface types, from carpets to bare floors. However, as the top-liner model, Shark Navigator Lift Away boasts a bunch of features that are not exist in Shark Navigator Deluxe. For example, Shark Navigator Lift Away has the swivel steering and suction control, making it very practical in usage. Also, Shark Navigator Lift Away has slightly wider cleaning path (9.5 inches) than Shark Navigator Deluxe (9.25 inches). The difference is very narrow and can be considered trivial, though. But, Shark Navigator Lift Away also has 5-ft longer cord than the Deluxe model, once again making it more convenient for usage. Last but probably the most important factor, Shark Navigator Lift Away uses the foam and HEPA filters which work wonderfully in taking care of viruses and micro-bacterial entities while Shark Navigator Deluxe only uses electrete filters.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Vs Lift Away

Shark Navigator DeluxeShark Navigator Lift Away
Key features- Never Loses Suction Technology - XL Capacity Bottom Empty Bagless Dust Cup - Lightweight and Manuverable - Premium Pet Tools - 25' Power Cord- Never Loses Suction Technology - Lightweight, XL Capacity Portable Canister - Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA - Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment with 1 Microfiber Pad - Easy to Maneuver with Swivel Steering

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As the primary rule, you would need the Lift Away model in taking care of rooms inhabited by your pets. The stronger filter would certainly become a big value. In other cases, if you can get the Shark Navigator Lift Away at a discount, it is certainly the best way to go with since its features are totally extraordinary. But, for casual dust cleaning, Shark Navigator Deluxe is a very good cheaper option.

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