Shark APEX Vs Shark Rotator

Cleaning you house is important, not only because dirty environment will affect your health but having a clean room is sure please the eyes. However many people find doing house chores to be a hassle. To ease your work on cleaning your house, we will introduce you to two of vacuum cleaners that might suit your preference. They are Shark APEX and Shark Rotator.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Shark APEX and Shark Rotator
– What Shark APEX and Shark Rotator can offer to you
– Shark APEX vs Shark Rotator

About Shark APEX
Shark apex is a vacuum cleaner that comes with DuoClean, Lift Away, Noise Reduction and Active Glide. Another thing that you would like might be the under appliance wand that makes the cleaning under low gap between furniture much easier.

Shark APEX Features
Here is things that you can expect from Shark Apex, which are the bigger dustbin it has and the newer features that Shark planted in APEX, such as the easy glides and noise reduction technology that was aimed to reduce the drag on carpet and also lower the noise. Another feature is the wand placed under the appliance that makes it able to clean under furniture areas. This would be impossible with some other vacuum cleaner without removing the furniture first.

Let’s talk about some of Shark APEX other features, first the Duo Cleaning system. This appliance has the dual brush system that will pick up fine dust and large bits of dirt like cheerios. This technology allow larger particles to fit in because it has a higher clearance. Second, is the powered Lift Away, with this technology APEX can extends its functionality of an upright. This feature essentially morphs this upright in a canister vacuum with bigger capacity and better pickup. Third, is the dirt bin, this appliance has 1.5 quart dirt bin that makes this upright suitable for large homes. But the consequence of this large bin is making this appliance also heavier.

Fourth, is the LED headlights placed at the front that will help you illuminate the area you are cleaning. This is very useful to see the dust that somehow missed during the day. Fifth, is the active glide system, this feature helps you to move this appliance better over thicker pile carpet. Sixth, is this appliance is powered with 1.350 watt motor, which produce a decent suction and cleaning performance on carpet. Sixth, is the dynamic swivel steering, which makes turning this appliance on a dime to clean around furniture easier. You can watch the product overview here.

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About Shark Rotator
Shark Rotator that we are going to review today is the Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro SV1112. This appliance is a cordless, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to maneuver with cordless operation. This will make Rotator suitable for smaller homes and apartments used as main cleaning tool. This vacuum also has two speed rotating brush and LED headlight that will help you clean various dirt on bare floors or carpets.

The Rotator is powered by Nickel Metal Hydride battery, it can provide you with 12 minutes of operation at full brushroll speed and 17 minutes in the lower brush speed. To change between these mode is pretty simple, what you need to do are:
• To turn the vacuum at full speed mode, you only have to press the power button once. This mode is used for deep cleaning of carpets. With the quick brushroll to agitate and loosen deeply embedded dirt and debris it will be removed via airflow.
• To slow down the brushroll on bare floors, press the power button for a second time. This time the brush will slowly roll to help cleaning all of the surface debris on carpet and bare floors.
• After you done cleaning, press the power button for the third time and then this appliance will turn off.

If you ordered this vacuum cleaner, it will comes in parts that you need to assemble first. You shouldn’t be intimidated by the assembling process, all you need to do is follow the instruction in the manual it comes with. Even though NiMH batteries are used, charging station is permanently used as storing place. You don’t have to worry because the charger is intelligent enough to prevent the battery from damaging when the appliance is stored in its storing place. If you accidentally drained the battery, this appliance will need at least 4 hours before its next use. Other thing you have to remember is that this vacuum can only be used for dry dirt only, if the dirt bin reached its max capacity, clean the unit immediately.

Shark APEX Vs Shark Rotator

Shark APEXShark Rotator
Key features- Shark APEX features DuoClean, Powered Lift-Away, Noise Reduction & Active-Glide Technology delivering Shark’s ultimate cleaning experience in a full-sized upright - DuoClean Technology features a bristle brush to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors for a polished look- Lift-Away. Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-to-reach areas. - 2-in-1 Vacuum: Upright and Lift-Away for portable cleaning. - Premium Pet Power Brush. Picks up pet hair and debris, and deep cleans dander from all surfaces.

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As it have been said above, these two vacuum cleaner is designed for different environments. The clearest different between both of them is the APEX were designed for large houses, while Rotator is designed for smaller houses or apartments. The compact design of Rotator let the unit can be operated cordless, unlike APEX. When choosing both of them it is wise to consider your need first, if you have a big house you should choose the APEX, but if you have small house or apartment, Rotator is more suitable for you.

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