Samsung VR9000 Vs Roomba 980

For years, iRobot’s Roomba has been the leading brand of vacuum cleaner robots. It is not by accident, though. The company indeed is very heedful towards the condition of the market as they make a vast range of different models for each step of the price ladder, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Currently, iRobot Roomba 980 is the representation of the high-end class of vacuum cleaner robots. Samsung, a titan of electronic gadgets and appliances, put forward the VR9000 as the contender. We may be slightly amazed if we are told that Samsung’s VR9000 is priced even higher than the Roomba.

Samsung VR9000 Vs Roomba 980

Firstly, we will observe iRobot Roomba 980. It possesses the most complete features among the series. It will do self-charging whenever it is docked, and it even can automatically return to its dock during operation if the amount of power left is minimum. After the recharge, it will continue cleaning. A very convenient ability as you don’t really have to handle things very much – you can just simply schedule the cleaning across the week! The product also features variously sophisticated technologies, like the 3-Stage Cleaning System, which combines suction, brushing, and agitation to deliver a decent result, and the AeroForce Cleaning System that automatically adds significantly more power to deal with carpets and rugs. iRobot Roomba 980 offers tangle-free extractors and low-profile design that allows it to navigate under various furnishings with ease. There is a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and, in fact, the robot requires Wi-Fi for configuring schedule and settings through the mobile app.

Now, we will take a look at Samsung VR9000. What does the product offer? Well, somehow, the product is stronger in suction. With 30 Watts of suction power, the manufacturer claims it to be 60x stronger than average vacuum cleaners. It is also capable of cleaning carpets as well as hard floors without a hassle thanks to the Easy Pass wheels. Another unique feature is the “Point Cleaning” – you point a certain area with the remote control and the robot will do the job there. Unfortunately, Samsung VR9000 is bulkier, and may be unable to glide under some furniture. Also, Samsung VR9000 does not come with Wi-Fi and does not have virtual wall technology to limit its job in a particular room only.

Samsung VR9000 Vs Roomba 980

Samsung VR9000Roomba 980
Key features- 60x more powerful than the average vacuum. - Cyclone force system generates strong centrifugal forces separating dirt and debris into an outer chamber - Visionary mapping plus system contains an onboard digital camera and ten individual smart sensors - Point cleaning for when you need spot cleaning- iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization enables Roomba to navigate and clean an entire level of your home - Automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to complete the entire job - iRobot HOME App lets you clean, schedule & set custom cleaning preferences from your smartphone - AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost automatically provides up to 10x the air power on carpets and rugs

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While Samsung VR9000 is stronger, it misses several useful features that are present in iRobot Roomba 980. Therefore, iRobot Roomba 980 is the winner of the product comparison!

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