Roomba 695 Vs 761

iRobot Roomba is one of the most well-known brands of robotic vacuum cleaners. There are many Roomba models on the market, available from the lowest to the highest price ranges. In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between two entry-level models from a similar price range, which are Roomba 695 and Roomba 761. What are the differences between Roomba 695 vs 761? Which one does make a better value for the money?

First of all, let’s have a look at the designs and dimensions of these two models. As a matter of fact, both Roomba 695 and Roomba 761 have the same width and height. They each measure 13.39 inches wide and 3.62 inches tall. However, Roomba 695 is a little bit lighter at 7.9 lbs, whereas Roomba 761 is 8.3 lbs.

Roomba 695 has simpler on-board controls. There are just three buttons, which are the Clean button to start the operation, the targeted cleaning button, and the Home button. Most of the controls are more conveniently done in the mobile app; yes, this model can connect wirelessly to your smartphone via the mobile app. See our previous post about Roomba 695 vs 690 here!

On the other hand, Roomba 761 has more on-board buttons. In addition to the Clean button, there are four other buttons that are lined in a single row. You can schedule the robot’s operation by using these buttons.

The biggest difference between Roomba 695 vs 761 is the connectivity. Roomba 695 already has built-in Wi-Fi, which enables the device to connect wirelessly to your home’s network. Don’t forget to download and install the mobile app on your smartphone. Once the robotic vacuum cleaner is connected to your home’s network, you can go through the initial setup to connect the robot to your smartphone. The setup process is easy to follow. Finally, you will be able control the robotic vacuum cleaner remotely through the mobile app.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is very useful in today’s modern world. It is not only for scheduling the operation. You can also control and monitor the robot’s operation when you are not at home. But it does have a remote control.

Roomba 761 does not have Wi-Fi, so it cannot be controlled remotely. This is a bad thing for someone who often needs to leave their home for several days for business travels. However, if you are certain that you don’t need such feature,Roomba 761 still makes a good choice. Just like Roomba 695, it has automatic recharge, spot cleaning, and full bin indicator.

Cleaning Performance
So, how about the cleaning performance of Roomba 695 and Roomba 761? While they both use the AeroVac technology, they use different filters. Roomba 695 works with high-performance filters that are effective for capturing most dust and debris. However, these filters are not designed to trap extremely fine allergenic particles.

Roomba 761 is better for pet owners and preventing allergies because it is equipped with HEPA filters. These filters are designed to trap extremely fine particles, such as pet fur, tiny dust particles, and pollens.

Roomba 695 Vs 761

Roomba 695Roomba 761
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If you have an allergy or you are living with a pet, Roomba 761 is more recommended because it has HEPA filters. Otherwise, you can choose Roomba 695, which has Wi-Fi for easy remote operation.

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