Roomba 650 Vs 880

The Roomba 600 series are known for its good quality, effective cleaning bots, but maybe you want the more extra luxury or want to upgrade the old version, you can get Roomba 800 series with its increased features and performances. Deciding the best robot vacuum cleaner for your needs is will depend on a lot of factors that you can consider as the important function, but for helping you make that initial decision, we put the Roomba 650 vs 880, and we lay the facts out for you.

roomba 650 vs 880

Roomba 650
iLIFE A4 vs Roomba 650 by this, we hope you have not yet getting bored of Roomba 650. You can get a lot of benefits in this Roomba 650 such as: It can be scheduled to clean at different times once a day or 7 days a week. It is around a hundred bucks with affordable price. The transitions well from one type of surface to another. It has large dirt among 600 series and decent sized dirt bin. It can be improved cleaning brushes compared to others. According to some reviews side brush works well especially in cleaning edges. While the features are including: 3-stage cleaning system that uses a side brush, AeroVac cleaning head and suction. The used of an AeroVac filter is to block out allergens. It is also included in the package which is one virtual wall that block off limit areas. It has one brush cleaning tool that can clean head automatically adjusts its height to properly reach hard floors, rugs, or even carpet. And last, it is featured with an anti-angle system kicks in gear when something gets caught up between the two brushes and also a cliff sensors that can protect it from fall of stairs.

Roomba 880
Roomba 980 vs 880 is the second review and will be the third one by adding this review. With Roomba 880, iRobot has reached the second generation iAdapt navigation system. Mixture of several systems came to ensure the success of this technology. For starters, the sensor detects dirt in series 2 figures out just how dirty your floor is, and orders the robot back and forth until mess is wiped out. The company calls this strategy continuously through cleaning. Secondly, the robot can follow the lines of the wall (thanks to technology following the wall) and clear the right edge, using a spinning side brush that essentially pushes the dirt down the path of extractors. This vacuum cleaner has a very efficient filtration system, thanks to the advanced technology it uses. If you have a pet in your home or you are an asthma sufferer or an Allergy, you need not worry when you get this particular device. It is definitely much quieter than previous Roombas. Measure sound levels between 66 and 70 db, depending on the vacuumed surface. The bare floor dust is a little harder than vacuuming the carpet. Roomba 880 is a small device. Basically, it weighs only 8.4 pounds, almost the size of a laptop, though it does not really matter, since you will not be lifting it that much. However, you can easily bring it to your room needs to be cleaned.

Roomba 650 Vs 880

Roomba 650Roomba 880
Key features- Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot - Automatically docks and recharges - Automatically adjusts to all floor types - carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate & more- AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System delivers up to 50% more cleaning performance - Tangle-free extractors help prevent hair and debris clogs - AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter traps fine dirt and dust

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If you have enough budget, the Roomba 880 is a clearly better vacuum in terms of its performance. As you check on the following above. However, the Roomba 650 is still the most competent with an excellent value for the cost. Roomba 650 is the oldest Roomba that still has auto-scheduling features, so you will not be missing out on all huge new feature advancements. You can check out the latest pricing on the Roomba 650 in Amazon’s site.

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