Roomba 620 Vs 655

Who wants the best vacuum cleaner for helping you clean every part of rooms in your lovely house? We are sure everyone of us want it so much, but one problem occur about deciding the products or the brands. How about Roomba? For you who know it already, read the review as your references, for the beginner, you can make this as one of your options in the future. The series will come from Roomba 620 and Roomba 655. And the differences or similarities will come in form of this article. Enjoy them!

Roomba 620 Vs 655

Roomba 620
Roomba 620 is already featured with cleaning technology and navigation system as well as the three stage cleaning mechanism. They are the combination of ultra-effective in vacuuming dirt, dust and pet hair from all floor types such as carpets, tiles, woods, mattress, and etc. Roomba 620 is also installed with 2 software programs. First program’s name is the Dirt Detect Series with the purpose of acoustic levels to identify particularly dirty patches, and the second one is iAdapt Responsive technology which become as a GPS system to map out the cleaning area and then it will clean every aspect of areas in your house even the hardest one, whilst avoiding drop-offs and obstacles. The color comes in white and 12lbs of weight. With regards to what accessories comes with the 620, all you get is the docking station, a cleaning brush tool as well as a detailed & easy-to-follow instruction manual guide.

Take a look : Roomba 620 Vs 650.

Roomba 655
Roomba 655 robotic vacuum cleaner has some well-being features to clean areas inhabited by your pets. It has all the features of the 650 model, plus some extra such as the filter set, extra brushes, two cleaning utensils, and an XLife battery. The included cleaning utensils allow for easy cleaning when the machine picks up hair and other debris. An extra set of brushes lets you alternate the brushes so you can clean one set, while the other is in use. It also has a vacuuming bin and sweeper bin. The vacuuming bin is designed for normal use, while the sweeper bin is designed for use in areas with abnormal debris, such as pet hair. Another adding features are buttons. There are several buttons on the display reading day, hour, minute, spot, clean, dock, schedule, and clock. A picture of the machine is on this page for further reference.

Roomba 620 Vs 655

Roomba 620Roomba 655
Key features- AeroVac system cleans floors from edge to edge - Dirt Detect technology utilizes acoustic sensors - iAdapt sensors avoid stairs and drop-offs - Adjusts to clean under furniture and around obstacles- Vacuum Type: Robotic - Filter Type: AeroVac - Includes: 1 Auto Virtual Wall, 1 Air Filter, 1 Bristle Brush, 1 Beater Brush, 1 Edge Sweeper Brush, 2 Cleaning Tools, 2 C Batteries

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Roomba 655 The 650 is obviously the better robot vacuum (from the points made above) and this is reflected in it being a bit more expensive, but only by around $70 to $80. So you are essentially paying the difference in price (with the 620 and 655) for these additional features which is actually worth it, particularly if you work away from home.

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