Roomba 620 Vs 650

There is no need to argue if one says that iRobot Roomba has become the leading brand of robotic vacuum cleaners. iRobot Roomba comes with many different models, available for all price ranges, ensuring that you will be able to find the best one for your available budget. Now, if you are looking for a budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaner, you are now perhaps considering both iRobot Roomba 620 and iRobot Roomba 650. Roomba 620 is usually available at a slightly lower price point than Roomba 650. So, which Roomba should you choose?


Despite many similarities between these two models, there are indeed subtle yet important differences. To begin with, the very first difference that you can tell about these two robotic vacuum cleaners is obviously the color. Roomba 620’s body is predominantly colored in white and black. The top surface is white, while the center panel and the outer frame are black. Meanwhile, Roomba 650 is completely black. However, they are also of different sizes. Quite interestingly, Roomba 620 is actually smaller and slimmer than Roomba 650. The more compact body certainly allows Roomba 620 to reach more difficult places, like under your sofas and cupboards. To be fair, tough, Roomba 650 is not too bulky either; it can also slip under most tight crevices.

Although the two models appear to be similar, there are several advanced features that are not available on Roomba 620 but are available on Roomba 650. Roomba 620 is just a simple robot; it will only clean the room if you push the button. It is also a very silent robot since it does not speak. On the other hand, Roomba 650 is a smarter robot that tells you important information via the audio feature, and has the scheduling function. You can schedule up to seven cleaning tasks for a week, and the robot will automatically clean the home at the specified times. In addition, Roomba 650 has the obstacle sensor, allowing the device to run through the clutters in your home safety and reliably. So, you don’t need to worry about the robotic vacuum cleaner bumping into the vases and furniture. Due to the feature also, Roomba 650 supports virtual barrier, allowing you to set up virtual walls to prevent the device from going to the rooms and places that you don’t want to be accessed. Last but not least, Roomba 650 has a longer maximum runtime of up to 120 minutes per single charge.

Roomba 620 Vs 650

Roomba 620Roomba 650
Key features- Compatible with all floor types - 3-Stage Cleaning with AeroVac vacuum which pulls dirt, hair, and debris off the brushes and into the large-chamber bin - Dirt Detect technology employs an acoustic sensor to identify dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them - iAdapt is iRobot’s advanced system of software and sensors that allows Roomba to clean room more thoroughly- iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home - 3-Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors - Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot - Automatically docks and recharges - Automatically adjusts to all floor types - carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate & more

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Obviously, you should go with Roomba 650! It comes with more features that are all very useful and handy. It allows scheduling, and you can control where it goes by manipulating the virtual walls. The battery life is also longer.

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