iLife V7 Vs V7s

Are you in need for a cleaning assistance? Are you a busy person who rarely have time to clean up your house? If your answer is yes then you should read this article, because in this article we will introduce you to two of robotic vacuum cleaner, which not only can vacuum your floor but also able to dry mop and wet mop functionality. They are the iLife V7 and iLife V7s.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is iLife V7 and iLife V7s
– What is the ability of iLife V7 and iLife V7s
– iLife V7 vs iLife V7s

About iLife V7
iLife V7 is a robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by iLife. iLife is small Chinese company, they focused on developing robot to do vacuuming, sweeping and washing. The complete initial of this company is Shenzhen Zhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. The company has a base in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Cited from their official site, the company able to produce 8000 unit in a month, this amount is still considered as medium in this industry.

When you look at the design, it has a round shape similar to most vacuum robots available. The width is 3 inch and it has a spinning brush, which will help it reaching the walls and baseboards. The installation of this product is also very easy, you do not need any software to install and you don’t need to do calibration. It is simple, all you have to do is open the package, switch in the unit, and charge it, then it ready to clean your house.

iLife V7 Features
The suction power of iLife V7 is also pretty good, it has a medium sized air intake and pretty quiet sound produced by the motor, it have suction power of 400 Pa. The battery life of this robotic vacuum cleaner is quite surprising. iLife V7 can work continuously for 120 minutes per charge, it all thanks to lithium 2600mAh battery. This will make you able to clean up about 1600 square feet before this robot needs to recharge. This robot will need about 5-6 hours to full charge.

In the navigation side, iLife V7 comes with extensive sensorial system. The 10 IR bumper sensors will protect this robot to from running hard into obstacles. The vacuum will still touch most of the things, but it will slow down and reverse as soon as the process of collision detection start. iLife V7 also has the 4 cliff detection sensor, so it will prevent the robot from falling down the stairs.

In the filtration unfortunately they didn’t use HEPA, but it does come with 2 different filters, one is placed on the dirt bin and the other is placed before the output of airflow. iLife V7 also can be controlled using a smartphone and works via Bluetooth and can show dynamic variables in real time.

About iLife V7s
The iLife V7s is the newer version or you might said the upgraded version of the V7. Both of them shares some old features as well as the new ones. When you look at the robotic vacuum cleaner, it does resembles the V7, but in different color. While V7 come in blue, in this new V7s the color is pink. Some people said that the color works very well with shabby chic or some traditional furniture. (See also : iLIFE V5s Vs V7s)

iLife V7 Features
The cleaning power of iLife V7s has four modes, similar to V7: Auto Cleaning – use this mode to clean the area automatically and it can adjust its cleaning depending on what situation is happening, Spot Cleaning – this mode will focusing cleaning only one area, Edge Cleaning – this mode is used to clean wall edges and Scheduled Cleaning – this mode allows you to schedule when your vacuum will leave its charging station and begin cleaning. The suction power of iLife V7 is 600 Pa, which is higher than the iLife V7.

iLife V7s also capable of doing wet mopping. The dry bin has the capacity of 17 oz. and the water tank has the capacity of 15 oz. This robot vacuum cleaner have two filters similar with the V7. This robot also not very loud, when on work it can produce about 60 dB. It has 4 cliff sensor to prevent this robot from falling down the stairs and the IR-based proximity will make this robot able to detect objects and wall approaching them and allow the robot to navigate collision free. You can see its full review here.

iLife V7 Vs V7s

iLife V7iLife V7s
Key features- Convenient Scheduling ---means you can set anytime as ILIFE V7 working time, which allows it to work when you sleep or go out- Self recharging - Timed Scheduled Cleaning - Remote Control with 4 cleaning modes - 2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping - Less than 60dB

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When comparing between both of them it is already clear which one is built with more feature than the other. It is not strange, since the iLife V7s is the upgraded version of V7. Their difference include the wet mopping ability, which is not possible in the V7 version. They also upgraded the suction power of iLife V7s, the older V7 have 400 Pa power suction, while in V7s it was upgraded with 600Pa. However the iLife V7 also has some features which are not present in the V7s, such as the Bluetooth app. The V7 is also able to clean more radius than the V7s.

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