iLIFE V7 Vs V5

The robotic vacuum cleaner is an interesting invention, especially for those who have become sick of listening excuses of maidservants out there. After knowing about the functionality of a robotic vacuum cleaner, you will feel impressed with its ability to help your home with its unique techniques of cleaning. So, if you are not yet still aware of this helping gadget, we will give you all guys an information in form of reviewing 2 robotic vacuum cleaners by iLIFE. There are iLIFE V7 vs V5 that will fulfill the page about their review.

ilife v7 vs v5

iLIFE V7 robot vacuum cleaner is operated in touch mode. In this vacuum cleaner, you will get 4 modes of operation, auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, and mode scheduling. With 4 operational modes, you will also get 11 multi angle hurdle detection facilities. All the features are really important. You can enjoy the activity on the road super silence because the sound is only 50dB. The type of battery used in this model is a lithium-ion battery, which has a capacity of 2600mAh. So you will get about 2 hours time to clean up about 150 square meters area. On the ground floor fully carpeted, V7 is able to collect about canister dog hair (from two small dogs) every few days. It almost should be a compulsory device if you have an animal that is a warehouse as well. This cleaning method of vacuum cleaner robot is also very easy, just press the button and done. The weight of the product is 2,95 kg and the MRP of this vacuum cleaner is approximately about $380.00. Now let us compare the other one as its title iLIFE V7 vs V5.

iLIFE V5 Automatic Robot Vacuum will give you an easier way to operate, coming with no instructions required just adjusting the dock against every wall and the charge is mainly for the family room. You can press the “clean” button on remote and off go. It has a small 12 diameter and low 3″ profile. Matches under furniture and cabinet, it manages to squeeze into all the corners and slits between the legs of chairs, tables, cabinets, etc and then find the way. Also, there is quite a quiet walk and is similar to the volume of a microwave. In addition, a strong and light push of goods out of the way exists too. It runs for a long time, and does a pretty good job of finding it’s way back to charging the dock when it needs recharge. The iLIFE V5 battery life takes place after a good 4 hours of charge, the iLIFE V5 robot will run for almost 2 hours non-stop around our house which makes for serious cleaning especially if it’s done everyday. Maintenance of iLIFE V5. The trash can is very easy to remove by simply pushing over the open cover and pulling out the trash can with yellow handles.

iLIFE V7 Vs V5

Key features- ILIFE V7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner , Better quality, longer using-life and more strong cleaning ability - V7 Vacuum Cleaner has a full suite of sensors to navigate, and it can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet- V5 Vacuum Cleaner has a full suite of sensors to navigate, and it can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet - V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can help you clean under beds, sofas and other hard-to-reach places. Notice: It don't have mopping function

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For each offered price on iLIFE V7 vs V5, iLIFE V7 cost much higher than iLIFE V5 even we can say that V7 is expensive for those who want a robot vacuum under $150. But, by knowing and testing the features of the machine, you will feel the real feeling of the more expensive in iLIFE V7. It is totally worth it! You will not say to you to not buy a iLIFE V5 since we are sure that V5 is still good on you, just a bit different on sophisticated technology in V7’s features.

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