iLife V5S Pro Vs V7S Pro

In choosing a vacuum cleaner or vacuum debut, people usually holding on to the principle that an efficient vacuum cleaner is that it has the power or the voltage is low and very practical. How to choose a vacuum cleaner if it is wireless? Will definitely be very easy even if you have to spend enough money in. There are many choices, including iLife V5S vs V7s. You should have no confusing about the previous one iLife V5S vs V7S because it seems like similar but, there are certain differences occured since these are about the higher series as well as models, just in case iLife improved the features and other specifications too.

ilife v5s pro vs v7s pro

iLife V5S Pro
The new iLife V5s Pro is a modern vacuum cleaner and floor-mopping robot. iLife V5s Pro has ability to remove dirt, dust, and other pollution from floors or even can clearly clean carpets, laminate, parquet, tiles, and the like. You can use remote control to control this robot vacuum cleaner. Once programmed, the vacuum/mopping robot starts cleaning at the pre-programmed time. There is a HEPA filter and a direct suction inlet to be an ideal vacuum and floor-mopping robot for pet owners and allergy sufferers. Moreover, it has extra long side brushes to clean edges and corners and reliably removes dirt and dust along sidebars and walls by the using of edge-mode. The benefits come again for driving under beds and sofas due to the 7,6 cm height of construction from iLife V5S Pro. Also, there are doorsteps as an easy to be mastered with the overcomes doorsteps and carpets with up to 2,5 cm height. iLife V5S Pro is actually not equipped with a main brush but with a direct suction inlet. Thus, pet hair and long hair is not tangled up. Therefore, the vacuum and floor mopping robot is suitable for pet owners.

iLife V7S Pro
In a packaging of iLife V7S Pro, all you can get are including the V7S robotic vacuum, the charging base (and plug), remote control plus 2 AAA-batteries, cleaning brush, 2 extra filters, 1 extra side brush, extra microfiber mop and user manual in multi-language like English and Chinese. It is equipped with Double V brush or motorized brush to provide added agitation on carpet to help loosen up dirt like pet hair. This robot is capable of doing three things which are dry or damp mopping, wet mopping and vacuuming with 500 ml dry bin that you attach for vacuuming and also 450ml water tank for wet mopping. While, the HEPA filtration is not including in this machine. The weight is 3 kg and the weight is not seen in motion. The sensor is located underneath its and on the sides. Their goal is to detect dirt, surface and obstacles and do well results. All tasks completed in level 40 and 60 DB are quite good. The sensors included in the ILIFE V7S are very similar to those in other robot vacuums. They detect dirt and surface and do it very well. Known pressure sensors that detect changes in the environment are also included. In addition, they prevent the unit from falling down stairs or other “dangerous areas.”

iLife V5S Pro Vs V7S Pro

iLife V5S ProiLife V7S Pro
Key features- Vacuuming sweeping damp mopping all in one, maintain gleaming hard floors - New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs,debris,dust and dirty easily and efficiently- Self recharging - Timed Scheduled Cleaning - Remote Control with 4 cleaning modes - 2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping - Less than 60dB

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From each price itself, they can be different about $100 where iLife V7S is the higher one. In order to have a good one but still in tight budget, it seems like iLife V5S is an ideal one for you. Moreover, if you already have it, you do not need to upgrade your current vacuum cleaner with the new one like V7S does.

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