It is true that doing house chores is pretty tiring, moreover if you are a busy person. Most of your time probably already taken up by working or taking cares of your family. With today technology doing house chores is no longer tiring and takes lot of your time. In this article we will introduce you to two of well-known vacuum cleaner robot. They are the ILIFE V5 and ILIFE V5s.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is ILIFE V5 and ILIFE V5s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
– What ILIFE V5 and ILIFE V5s can do
– ILIFE V5 vs ILIFE v5s

About ILIFE V5
ILIFE V5 is a robotic Vacuum Cleaner, this version is said to be the upgrade version of ILIFE V35. It is claimed to have a better quality, longer using-life and more strong cleaning ability. When you buy the ILIFE V5, you will get a dual functioning vacuum cleaner and dry mopping, a slim design approximately 3 inches tall, a vacuum that have a600Pa suction power, three cliff sensors, a pretty quiet device, only 55 decibels loud, three cleaning modes (spot, edge and auto cleaning), also a one year warranty.

ILIFE V5 comes with some pros and cons, the pros are, it is one of the cheaper robot vacuum cleaners available at the market today, you can find it in Amazon for $164, it has a very decent cleaning performance on bare floor, and you also can use it as a dry mop at the same time. The downsides of ILIFE V5 are, it has a quite small dustbin and it doesn’t come with a water tank. (See also : iLIFE V7 Vs V5)

ILIFE V5 Features
When you flip this cordless vacuum cleaner, you will see the exact same layout as the V5 Pro and the X5. It has the two side brushes, a suction inlet for the vacuum, and clots for the mop bracket. The positioning of the bracket behind the vacuum will allows the users to use both the vacuum and the mopping functionality at the same time. You can do spray cleaning solution on the mop and use the damp mop n your floors. This is the flexibility that ILIFE V5 offers you.

ILIFE V5 also has cliff sensors that prevent this vacuum cleaner from falling off stairs and wall sensor that allow this thing to do edge cleaning. The dirt bin on this thing is the same as you can found on X5 and V5 Pro. It will be a convenient when you have to purchase the spare parts. This bin can hold up roughly about 300 milliliters of dry dirt and has two filters, which are a primary mesh filter and HEPA filter that keeps allergens inside the bin.

About ILIFE V5s
ILIFE V5s is the hybrid version of both vacuum cleaner and a mop. According to Sears, this cordless vacuum cleaner is similar to the X5, which can be scheduled at the exact time you want and come with a remote like the A4. This version is not an upgraded V5 but the same thing with more power added. ILIFE V5s is also have a quite width, it have 3 inches tall similar to the ILIFE V5, that was mention above and shorter than the A4. This will make it easier to clean areas under furniture where other similar products like Roomba and Dyson can’t reach.

ILIFE V5s Features
ILIFE V5s come with various features, they are:
• ILIFE v5s is able to clean area up to 180 squares in a single charge
• It has 2 in 1 functionality, which is robot vacuum and wet mop; you also can use it to dry mop and vacuum at the same time.
• It has an anti-collision sensor, which are 1 wall sensor and 5 IR sensors. They are located on the front bumper prevent it from bumping hard into furniture.
• It is pretty thin for a cordless vacuum cleaner, it only 3 inches tall, so this will make it easier to clean under furniture’s areas.
• It was inserted with a 2.600 mAH lithium ion battery and will run between 90 to 110 minutes.
• It is pretty quiet, on normal power mode ILIFE V5s only produces 50 decibels
• It has 300ml dust bin and water tank capacity
• It comes with a microfiber mop with bracket
• It has 3 cleaning modes, spot, edge and auto cleaning modes.
• It uses a brushless dc motor which will make it last longer than conventional motors.

However ILIFE V5s also have Pros and Cons, the Pros are the dual vacuum and wet mopping functionality, it is great for bare floor surfaces and for in between clean ups, it is also one of the cheaper dual functioning vacuum cleaner and wet mopping robot in the market, the last is it can be scheduled to do cleaning once a day or seven days a week.

The cons are, it can’t be used to clean a carpet, because it has no motorized brush, the dirt bin is also quite small, so you have to clean it pretty often. The cleaning pattern is not efficient, so it will take a long time to clean a room; the last is it has no virtual wall to keep it off areas that are off limits.


Key features- ILIFE V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is the upgraded version of V3S, Better quality, longer using-life and more strong cleaning ability - V5 Vacuum Cleaner has a full suite of sensors to navigate, and it can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet.- New powerful motor with max mode and pet hair technology picks up furs,debris,dust and dirty easily and efficiently - Small slim light design and smart sensors ensure V5s pro to know your home and clean where dirt hides.

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As it has been said above, the ILIFE V5 AND ILIFE V5s is quite similar. The most noticeable different is the ILIFE 5s has a water bin, which allows you to do wet mopping. However when you want to do wet mopping you have to replace the dirt bin with the water tank, so you can’t do both vacuuming and wet mopping at the same time. But if you want to do dry mopping, it can be done in the same time as vacuuming. The ILIFE V5s also comes with a max mode which have 40% more suction power. If you don’t mind spending around $50 more, we recommended you to choose the ILIFE V5s.

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