iLIFE V3S Vs Roomba 650

As we know that nowadays is modern day technology, get a robot to do the clean up job for you is a wonderful and nice idea. However, the thing is that getting the right robot could be a hard work. Beside looking for some tip and points to put into your consideration before you make a decision to purchase one of the available robot vacuum cleaners, you have to look deeply on the reviews of product you want. And if the products you want are between iLIFE V3S vs Roomba 650, here the right page for you.

ilife v3s vs roomba 650

As usual, we will provide you a link to other page related to iLIFE V3s vs A4. Go on, The iLIFE V3s has the standard design and comes with a clean look and a low profile. The size is within 3.5 inches high and the front has wall sensors, while the underside has drop sensors. There is a hole for suction and two little brushes to sweep the dirt inside. This vacuum is one of base model robot vacuum which is designed for smaller areas and hard flooring too. The suction is very excellent on linoleum and hard wood. On thin carpet, the iLIFE V3S robot vacuum can continue to perform really well, sweeping and sucking up dust and bits of dirt. On heavy carpet, it does not perform as well though. This vacuum just cleans more-or-less randomly. It will automatically find the outline of a room, trace it, ad zig zag haphazardly across the room. It also manages to clean about 95% of hard floor space consistently. On the heavier carpet, it can reach to 75% hit rate means that it is more than enough that running the vacuum twice a week. The battery can last for one hour and a half of cleaning. It is enough for a standard two bedroom apartment or even smaller three bedroom. For a house, all floors would need to be done separately.

Roomba 650
While the link for Roomba will be about Roomba 650 vs 665. The Roomba 650 is specialization for pet vacuum cleaner based on its manufacturer. It will automate the vacuuming for you and the most part it does. This robot vacuum is easy to use with the manual mode can provide step by step instructions as well as a troubleshooting’s guidance. As far as picking up dirt and pet hair goes, the Roomba 650 does the job, but in some cases a bit too well, picking other items every time. It also does not have any problems at all in crossing thresholds. This vacuum cleaner is packed with some great features such as the highlight being the 3-stage cleaning system which is designed to vacuum hair, pet hair, dirt and debris off laminated flooring, tile, hardwood and carpets. Also, the 3-stage cleaning system comes together with a spinning side brush to clean wall edges while the rotating brushes gather dust, dirt or pet hair off the floor and the vacuum can put the hair and dirt in the bin. There is also an AeroVac Technology which optimizes airflow so hair or fur in the cleaner’s brushes are totally pulled and placed in the AeroVac bin, which results in a more uniform fill but less frequent emptying.

iLIFE V3S Vs Roomba 650

iLIFE V3sRoomba 650
Key features- Vacuuming Dry Mopping Sweeping all in one, for entirely thoroughly cleaning - With pet hair care technology, focus on picking up hairs, dirt, debris - Low profile design to clean under beds, sofa where dirt hides- iAdapt Navigation uses a full suite of sensors to navigate and adapt to your changing home - 3-Stage Cleaning System agitates, brushes and suctions floors - Conveniently schedule up to 7x per week, or just press CLEAN on the robot

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Actually it is an easy choice of iLIFE V3s vs Roomba 650, the iLIFE V3S has successfully done an excellent job of picking up pet hair from hardwood, laminate or tile, but V3S also have several issues on deep pile carpet. It is being said that the vacuum is currently selling for among $159 so it comes without surprise at all that it’s not as good at this as the Roomba 650 which is more than double the price on the market.

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