Hoover Quest 700 Review: Vacuum Cleaner with Bluetooth Connectivity

One by one the factory began to produce and market the vacuum cleaner, the community is also the more familiar against these products. Vacuum cleaner ever evolve to become better. In the market, the shape of the vacuum cleaner is no longer great, any modern design with the look of bright colors. In terms of function, the main task of which is just sucking up dust is already equipped with the product can also suck out the fluid. Filter media, giving you Supreme performance and cleanliness. On a conventional vacuum cleaner filters are generally used is paper or cloth. These filters keep dust, dirt, but tiny particles can also close the filter vacuum cleaner itself. So that it can reduce the airflow, reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning. Review this time will be reviewed on a mini vacuum cleaner products are rampant in the market. The product name is Hoover 700 Quest. What are the specs, pros, and other information? See this!

Hoover Quest 700 Review Vacuum Cleaner with Bluetooth Connectivity

The Vacuum Cleaner from Quest 700 with Bluetooth connectivity will give you a convenient clean for everyday messes. Built-in navigation system enables Quest to easily maneuver around and under furniture and automatically returns to the docking station to re-charge between cleanings. The Tri-Clean System picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair. This product is paired with QuestNav 2.0 that you can directly desire it, spot and command it into a clean spot, along walls and in hard to clean corners. With 90 minutes of run time and the Hoover App, your Quest 700 can easily be operated and scheduled, so it’s always ready to clean at the push of a button. It is a kind of product which you can simply scheduling it and easy using. This little vacuum has a lot of power and sweeping action. The side arm was able to sweep under a base board better than an actual broom. When it tried to enter the living room it had a little trouble going over the carpet because it was a little thick but when it is set up the invisible wall included it didn’t enter the living room.

The Hoover Quest 700 will keep your home or apartment clean as well and it is effortless with Bluetooth enabled which can make the transfer is faster. Now you can do scheduling, starting, stopping, directing or docking your vacuum from your phone all in one. The power of QuestNav 2.0 enables it to clean any room then automatically return to the docking station to re-charge. The Hoover Quest 700 also cleans multiple floor types, and the Tri-Clean system picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair on your floors, along walls and even in corners at all rooms in your home or apartment. This is amazing stuff for everyday spotcleaning. There is sensor that you can set up on a corner that will serve a barrier for the vacuum. It has to be set up with a clear view of the other side of the room with no obstructions in between.I recommend it if you want to spot clean without doing it yourself. If you’re headed home with guests and want to make sure the floor is nice and clean you can turn it on.


- Bluetooth enabled- download the Hoover App to easily operate and schedule your Quest 700 - QuestNav 2.0 Technology- maneuvers around and under furniture while using a combination of cleaning patterns for the most effective clean - Tri-Clean System- picks up dirt, dust and pet hair on multiple floor types - Cliff Sensor- detects stairs and drop-offs to avoid falling - Up to 90 minutes of runtime

The Hoover Quest 700 BH70700 is part of the Vacuum cleaner test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Robotic vacuum models like the Quest 700 BH70700 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Shows how much surface litter (cereal, rice, sand, and pet hair) the vacuum picked up from a medium-pile carpet. Indicates the vacuum’s ability to remove surface debris from a bare vinyl floor.A composite score that includes bin capacity, remote-control usability, clarity of instruction manual, and ease of emptying the dirt bin and cleaning the filter.

Specifications of Hoover Quest 700
Robot’s Vacuum Cleaner
Weight for 8 lbs.
Bare Carpet’s Floor Type
Dirt Container Capacity is among 014 cu. ft.
Cleaning Path Width is 6 in.
No Onboard Accessories

Pros of Hoover Quest 700
· Ease of use
· Invisible Wall
· Few level Noise
· Great clean-up stuff
· Bluetooth enabled
· Model #BH70700

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Price of Hoover Quest 700
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