Hoover Linx Vs Hoover Cruise

Stick vacuum cleaners are designed to allow you to clean the floors quickly and efficiently without much effort. Hoover is one of the most renowned brands of vacuum cleaners, and they have released two interesting stick models: Hoover Linx and Hoover Cruise. Although they are both classified as stick vacuum cleaners, they do have different distinctive features. So, between Hoover Linx vs Hoover Cruise, which one is better for you?

Size and Weight
One of the perks of stick vacuum cleaners is the superior portability. They are usually slim and lightweight, allowing you to navigate through tight and cramped rooms easily. Hoover Linx is quite lightweight at just 7.3 pounds, but it has a wide head which is a little tricky to move around. Make no mistake; it is still easy to use. But it is not as practical as Hoover Cruise. See also: Hoover Linx vs Dyson V6.

Hoover Cruise is even more compact and lightweight than the Linx. Hoover Cruise has a slim stick and compact head which makes it very easy to bring around. It only weighs 4.7 lbs, which is impressively light and convenient.

Special Features
Hoover Linx vs Hoover Cruise have very different features. The distinctive feature of Hoover Linx is the reclining handle. You can recline the handle to a near-flat position for cleaning the underside of furniture. Combined with the slim head and wide cleaning path, this feature becomes very useful. The grip handle is also quite comfortable. The slight downside is that the handle requires some effort to be reclined.

On the other hand, Hoover Cruise is actually a 2-in-1 device. In addition to being a stick vacuum cleaner, the hand-held part is detachable to become a handheld vacuum. As the effect, Hoover Cruise is very flexible and versatile. You can use it for cleaning the floors as well as the more delicate surfaces such as sofas and upholstery pieces. The bundle includes a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. You won’t need to purchase any additional device for cleaning such specialized surfaces.

Other Features
Both of these two models are bagless. They each have a dirt bin to collect the debris. They also use washable filters, so they are very cost-efficient. Both models have multi-floor cleaning capabilities; they can transition from carpets to hard floors easily. Hoover Linx comes with a wide edge-to-edge cleaning path which enables you to clean a wide area quickly and reach wall corners.

On the other hand, Hoover Cruise comes with a wall mount. This wall mount is useful if you have a limited storage space.

Cleaning Power
The next thing that you have to consider is the cleaning power. Hoover Linx is definitely the more powerful model. It comes with the WindTunnel 3 Technology, and it has a strong suction power to capture all fine dust particles and pet fur. This is a suitable choice for cleaning all floors in the house.

On the other hand, Hoover Cruise does not have as much power. It is weaker, and it does not collect pet fur as easily as the Linx. Therefore, this model is only suitable as a secondary vacuum for cleaning the more delicate surfaces.

Hoover Linx Vs Hoover Cruise

Hoover LinxHoover Cruise
Key features- WindTunnel® 3 Technology - Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt - Multi-Floor Cleaning - Transitions from carpet to hard floors with ease- Lightweight - at only 4.7 lbs. It's easier than ever to clean up, down and all around - Reach anywhere cleaning - long slim pole reaches up high for cleaning shelves and ceiling fans

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For cleaning the floors, especially if you have major debris or pet fur issues, Hoover Linx is much more recommended. It has a more powerful suction power and a wider cleaning head. However, if you need a versatile secondary vacuum that is lightweight and adaptable, Hoover Cruise is a good choice with the two-in-one design.

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