Dyson DC65 Vs DC40

If you can not decide which Dyson vacuum cleaner to choose between Dyson DC65 and Dyson DC40, you have come to the right place. Both of them may seem to be pretty similar to each other. But, of course, Dyson DC65 does not come with a much higher price for no reason. The Dyson DC65 comes with more feats to justify the additional money needed. But, do you really need those extras or Dyson DC40 would be sufficient for you? Well, read on to find out!

Dyson DC65 Vs DC40

The first thing that you may want to compare when choosing between various vacuum cleaner models is certainly their cleaning performance. Dyson DC65 works with 245 air watts while Dyson DC40 works with 200 air watts. Also, Dyson DC65 is equipped with the re-engineered motorized brush bar that gives better efficiency and performance. It is obvious that Dyson DC65 is much more powerful, but, still, Dyson DC40 has an excellent suction power that beats many other standard vacuum cleaners in the market, so it is fair to say that Dyson DC40 is already capable of doing a decent cleaning job. Given the newer technologies implemented, Dyson DC65 can work on more types of surfaces than Dyson DC40. Dyson DC65 is suitable for carpet, vinyl, laminate, stone, wood, and ceramic. On the contrary, Dyson DC40 is only suitable for carpet, vinyl, wood, and tile.

Dyson DC40 is significantly lighter than Dyson DC65 by about 1.2 kg, which means, DC40 is easier to work with to some degree. However, both models are equipped with the Dyson ball technology that gives easy handling and high maneuverability. Dyson DC65 compensate its heavier weight with a longer cord and a larger bin, also more knick-knack features like HEPA filtration system and Asthma And Allergy Friendly Certification. So, in the end, Dyson DC65 offers slightly better practicality.

Dyson DC65 Vs DC40

Dyson DC65Dyson DC40
Key features- 5 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller - Radial Root Cyclone technology - Reconfigured brush bar- 25% more power drives bristles deeper into carpets, removing more dirt. - Self-adjusting cleaner head- Seals in the suction across carpets and hard floors. - Tangle-free Turbine tool- The only turbine tool that doesn't tangle. Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair and dirt from upholstery.- 5 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller - Radial Root Cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone. Remodeled airflows help remove more dirt, dust and allergens from the home. - Self-adjusting cleaner head maintains contract across all floor types. No awkward dials or bending down to adjust. - Ball technology- core components are inside the ball, creating a lower center of gravity. Easlier to steer into difficult places. - Durable- made from ABS and polycarbonate

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Now, for casual cleaning usage, we would say that Dyson DC40 gives better value for your money. You don’t need to spend additional two hundred bucks to get the Dyson DC65 if you are going only for daily dust cleaning. However, if you have extreme cases like taking care of your pet’s furs around your house, then Dyson DC65 would be your safe bet.

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