Dyson DC35 Vs DC44

Both Dyson DC35 and Dyson DC44 are Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaners that can be quite confusing to choose from. Produced by the same company, Dyson DC35 and Dyson DC44 also come from the same series and may appear to be quite identical to each other. They are also usually available in a similar price range. So, which is the model that you should choose? Dyson DC35 or Dyson DC44? In the following article, we are about to compare the two products against each other, so continue reading below!


In terms of design, Dyson DC35 and Dyson DC44 indeed look very similar. They are exactly of the same size and weight. They each measure by 112cm x 23cm x 30cm, and each of them also weighs by roughly 2.2kg. With such low body mass, both Dyson DC35 and Dyson DC44 are very lightweight. The slim and lightweight nature of these two vacuum cleaners makes them very easy to be brought around the home. The handling is easy and effortless. Nevertheless, Dyson DC35 comes with a white long-reach wand whereas Dyson DC44 comes with a blue long-reach wand. They each feature a 0.35-liter bin; such capacity is indeed rather small, so they may require you to dispose of the accumulated dust quite often. Or, they can be excellent supplements for your full-size vacuum cleaner. Their cleaner heads are also about the same size – both are low-profile to allow cleaning under furniture easily – but Dyson DC44 has been armed with a more advanced motorized carbon fiber brushes than Dyson DC35. In fact, it incorporates two types of bristles to adapt to various surfaces: stiff nylon bristles for carpets and ultra-fine bristles for hard flooring.

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Both Dyson DC35 and Dyson DC44 have the two suction modes, the Standard mode and the Boost mode. In the Standard mode, both models generate similar cleaning power of 28 Air Watts. However, in the Boost mode, Dyson DC35 generates 60 Air Watts whereas Dyson DC44 offers 65 Air Watts. Besides being more powerful, the improved brush design of Dyson DC44 also makes it able to deliver stronger cleaning power than Dyson DC35. In addition, Dyson DC44 also has a longer battery life than Dyson DC35. With the extra runtime, you can clean more parts of your home before needing to recharge.

Dyson DC35 Vs DC44

Dyson DC35Dyson DC44
Key features- 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller - Dyson digital motor creates the most power-efficient cordless vacuum cleaner - Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes to clean hard floors and remove ground-in dirt from carpets- This item has a range of 100 – 240v. - Dyson digital motor three times faster than conventional motors - Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes - 20 minutes increased run time and 20 minutes of high constant suction

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So, between these two models, Dyson DC44 makes the best way to go. It has improved cleaner head and suction power, and the battery life is also better.

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