Dyson DC 50 Animal Vs Multi Floor

Dyson vacuums are a popular choice for home cleaning device. Talking about Dyson DC50, it is a compact size bagless upright vacuum cleaner. There is small difference between Dyson DC50 Animal vs Multi Floor One is the color and one is the tools they include. Otherwise, they are the same. Here’s a review to make it more clear for you, hope this helps.

Dyson DC 50 Animal Vs Multi Floor

Dyson DC50 Animal
The Dyson ball animal upright vacuum has the strongest suction of any vacuum. It uses radial root cyclone technology and a self-adjusting cleaner head to remove more dirt and microscopic allergens from the home. The brush bar bristles have been made shorter and stiffer allowing deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt, while maintaining superior performance on hard floors. Ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners, it has whole machine HEPA filtration and comes with extra cleaning tools. With a regular retail price of $449.99, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal (formerly the DC50 Animal) is the more expensive of the two vacuums in our comparison. It’s capable of cleaning carpets and hard floors alike, this Dyson boasts ball technology for efficient steering, two tiers of cyclones for powerful suction and a tangle-free turbine tool for convenient removal of pet fur. Additionally, its 11.6-pound weight makes this device easy to transport. The maximum reach of this model is just 28 feet. As a note, this model is no longer sold directly from Dyson’s website. It can still be purchased from third-party sellers, often for less than its regular price. It’s best fit for pet owners who want a powerful and lightweight tool for cleaning up pet’s hair. (Take a look : Dyson DC40 Vs DC50)

Multi Floor
Similar to the preceding model, the DC65 Multi Floor boasts a washable lifetime filter, self-adjusting cleaner head and ball technology, among other features. Despite these shared components, the two devices are easily distinguishable, and the differences between them extend beyond just their appearance (the DC65’s accents are bright yellow, while the DC50’s are purple). For example, the multi floor vacuum touted by Dyson for its strong suction it has a 35-foot-long cord, giving users 10 more feet of access for large rooms than the DC50. Perhaps most appealing of all is the DC65’s price. It’s $50 less than the DC50. However, there are some downsides as well. Weighing in at 17.3 pounds, this model is nearly 6 pounds heavier than the preceding one. Additionally, this Dyson lacks the tangle-free turbine tool that’s designed for pet hair removal. It’s best suit for consumers who want a reliable vacuum from a trusted brand that can seamlessly transition from carpets to floors.

Dyson DC 50 Animal Vs Multi Floor

Dyson DC 50 AnimalDyson Multi Floor
Key features- Advanced cleaner head technology – self-adjusting cleaner head - 2 Tier Radial cyclones – Dyson cyclones capture more microscopic dust than any other - The latest Ball technology – turns on a dime- Self-adjusting cleaner head. Seals in suction across carpets and hard floors. - Wand and hose release in one smooth action, so it’s easy to clean up high and under furniture

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If comparing which products are superior, the two products above have their own advantages, you can choose which product that suits your needs. If you have pets at home and you have difficulty to clean animal hair that attached to the furniture of your house, your best choice is Dyson DC50 Animal. If you are looking for a vacuum that has a cheaper price and you do not have pets and enough to be used to clean your home to the maximum, your best choice is Dyson Multi Floor.

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