Bissell PowerLifter Pet Vs Rewind

What is the difference between Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind? The Bissell PowerLifter Pet 1309 comes with a tool that can enhance its cleaning power and performance for dealing with pet hair and fine debris. It actually has a higher amp rating, and the price is a little bit more affordable. On the other hand, Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind 1792 comes with two additional tools and is equipped with the triple action brush system, for usability on a wider range of surface types.

Design and Dimensions
Both the PowerLifter Pet and the Rewind models are corded vacuum cleaners. However, the PowerLifter Pet actually has a longer power cord, which measures 30 feet long. The hose length is 8 feet. It offers better mobility and a longer reach. It is also lighter at 14.8 lbs.

Meanwhile, the Rewind model has a power cord length of 27 feet, whereas the hose length is 8 feet. But it has an automatic cord rewind, which can be incredibly convenient when working with such lengthy cord. It is a little heavier at 16 lbs. Nevertheless, the cleaning path width is the same as the PowerLifter Pet, which is 13.5 inches.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet is available in two color options, which are Titanium and Grape Vine Purple. On the other hand, the Rewind version is only available in the Grape Vine Purple color.

Dirt Cup Capacity
Bissell PowerLifter Pet has a slightly bigger dirt cup capacity, which is 1.0L. Whereas the Rewind version’s dirt cup capacity is 0.9L. Frankly, the difference is not very significant. You will not really notice that you have a smaller dustbin with the Rewind model.

Suitable Surface Types
The downside of Bissell PowerLifter Pet is that it is suitable for fewer surface types. It can be used for cleaning carpets, low pile carpets, stairs, and upholstery. However, it is not compatible with bare floors and hard floors.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind should be your choice if you have bare floors and hard floors in your home. It is suitable for both of those surface types, and it is also compatible with carpets, low pile carpets, stairs, and upholstery.

Both of these two models offer great cleaning power and performance. Both are also equipped with Febreeze filters which can effectively eliminate pet odors and freshen the air. Bissell PowerLifter Pet has a slightly more powerful motor, which has a higher power rating of 10 amps. But don’t forget that it is only suitable for certain surface types.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind’s motor has a power rating of 8 amps. But it is not necessarily weaker. It is also powerful enough to handle fine pet hair and tiny debris.

Included Tools
The last difference between Bissell PowerLifter Pet vs Rewind is regarding the included tools. Bissell PowerLifter Pet comes with just one tool, which is the Pet TurboEraser Tool. This tool has a spinning paddle brush for taking out pet hair from upholstery and other tricky surfaces.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind comes with the Pet TurboEraser Tool and also the Pet Hair Eraser Tool. Unlike the TurboEraser, the Pet Hair Eraser Tool features a velvet strip which smoothly pulls pet hair from upholstery to protect the delicate surface.

Bissell PowerLifter Pet Vs Rewind

Bissell PowerLifter PetBissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind
Key features- Cleaning up a home with pets requires some specialized help - Embedded pet hair and fine debris can be tough to remove from carpets and upholstery - With the Bissell Powerlifter pet hair vacuum 1309, you get a lightweight machine with exclusive pet features.- Triple Action Brush Roll loosens, lifts and removes embedded dirt and pet hair from multiple surfaces ; Model# 1792 - Specialized pet tools remove pet hair from upholstery, stairs and hard-to-reach areas ; Bagless technology

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Bissell PowerLifter Pet Rewind makes the better option because it comes with better features and more tools. It is suitable for more surface types too.The automatic cord rewind is very convenient to prevent the problem of a tangled cord. It can work on bare floors and hard floors, in addition to carpets and stairs. The Pet Hair Eraser Tool is useful for cleaning delicate upholstery.

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