Bissell 1161 Vs 1154

Can’t decide between Bissell 1161 and Bissell 1154? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered here! Bissell 1161 and Bissell 1154 are both available at almost similar prices. Bissell 1161 is a little bit more pricey than Bissell 1154 with a couple of tens of dollars in difference. In a few glances, these two models of Bissell seem to be identical. Which one should you choose? Will you compromise something by going with the cheaper model? Will you spend for nothing by going with the more expensive one? Let us see!

Bissell 1161 Vs 1154

Bissell 1154
Bissell 1154 features a unique design, with an air-driven hard floor dusting tool that has soft bristles for cleaning pet hair, fine debris, and crumbs safely from hard surfaces without scratching or damaging the area. It also features swivel steering technology for easy maneuverability under and around furniture. It has a slim design that makes it very easy to be navigated even in tight spots, as well as to be stored. As an addition, it has a bottom-empty tank for practical emptying without needing your hands to touch directly and get in contact with the dirt. However, it weighs quite some with 15.8 lbs, and has a somewhat short cord.

Bissell 1161
Bissell 1161 is similar to Bissell 1154 in many ways, except that it is a lot better. It also features swivel steering, slim design, and the Easy Empty dirt tank that opens from the bottom for disposal without a mess. It also comes with a powerful cleaning performance that is delicate to floor surfaces, with soft bristles to protect floors from scratch or damage.

However, it is now given non-marking rubber wheels with felt threads for smoother handling. It also features a fingertip control, that allows you to power and controls the suction accordingly to clean fragile object like drapes or upholstery. What is more, Bissell 1161 is ultra lightweight with only 9.1 lbs of mass! As the effect, Bissell 1161 boasts an exceptional portability. You can easily bring and lift it anywhere needed. Taking it upstairs is not a problem. And you can easily drive it to almost any area.

Bissell 1161 Vs 1154

Bissell 1161Bissell 1154
Key features- Powerful, yet cleans delicately to protect your floor surfaces - Non marking rubber wheels with felt treads - Compact and lightweight it is easy to maneuver and store - Fingertip control allows you to power the vacuum and control the suction to safely clean delicate surfaces like drapes and upholstery- Air driven Hard Floor Dusting tool designed with soft bristles to safely clean pet hair, crumbs and fine debris from hard surfaces - Swivel steering to easily maneuver under and around furniture - Slim design for easy storage - Bottom empty tank for easy emptying

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With only a small price gap, Bissell 1161 brings quite some improvements into the deal. Compared to Bissell 1154, it is especially more convenient in usage. It has a relatively better cleaning performance, too. Therefore, Bissell 1161 is the clear winner here!

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