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Stompeez Sizing

All kids can utilize lace, why not possess FUN slippers? So fun your kids will leave their shoes at the door and save your carpeting. When you have a birthday or special event the perfect gift is made by Stompeez. Imagine your child or grandchild will enjoy walking round inside their Stompeez. Perfect for sleepovers! With durable stitching and quality stuff, Stompeez are made to survive.

Stompeez are the cute slippers with character that your kids will love. The pump action along with stomp walk or jump is likely to create your stompeez pop into life. Offered from the dave personality that is minions!

Stompeez are one of those feel good items that is silly, but matches the personality that is ideal just fine. Make them enjoyable to wear around the home and they are trying to bring some pizzazz to slippers. Which is a good thing, because you probably would not wish to be seen wearing them. But are they really as fun as they’re shown to be in the advertisements?

In regards with additional features to colorful slippers, these may be the winner in the two areas. There are different slippers out there which claim to be soft and comfortable, and also ones that have special designs on these, like all of your favourite personalities, but Stompeez are pretty much creating their own field of slipper personalities, each with their particular purpose they play when you walk or jump. Stompeez claims that their slippers are fun, extra comfortable, and also soft. It is said that they’re built.

Stompeez slippers are a line of accessories which resemble conventional casual footwear with the accession of varied characters from films and tv shows, along with generic animals. These characters appear as stuffed toys sewn onto the top of the region which covers the toes. The main distinguishing feature is that if a step is taken by the individual, the character moves in some fashion, such as opening its own mouth or popping.

Stompeez would be the fun slippers that can leave your kids eager to take their shoes off in the door. They will be Stomp, Stomp, Stomping their way to fun very quickly, because with each and every stamp of the foot, Stompeez reveals the Stompeez character on the face of your slippers. Stompeez are colorful. Stompeez are tender. Stompeez are all fluffy. Provide and Stompeez will also be built to last many stomping fun nighttime.

For kids are fun and entertaining these cuddly Stompeez Unusual Unicorn slippers! When kids stomp, walk, or jump, these fun-filled slippers will come to life! They’re plenty of fun and will make you and your kids laugh and grin. Comfortable and soft, Stompeez will guarantee that children’s feet stay warm and clean. Stompeez are ideal for taking to sleepovers to share the fun or wearing at home!

Extra small = UK size 7-9
Small = UK size 10-12
Moderate = UK size 13-2
UK size 3-5

With verified reports being that it is a Stompeez, randomly selected they do have a mystery gift you can tack on for $7.

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