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Head Tingler

Have you ever attempted the head massage tingler? If you did then you understand all you need to understand about it, besides that it offers you an unique, awesome feeling, as nothing else. It produces a long-term relaxation, and it disappears persistent headaches. If you have not tried the massage tingler yet, well it’s time to do it now.

The Tingler is an excellent way to introduce someone to the incredible sensation of acupressure massage without overspending on fancy medspa treatments. As a gift or an individual massage tool, the Tingler will give you years of pleasure and long lasting relaxation!

Carefully designed copper prongs enhance your relaxation experience with the healing advantages of copper. When using the Tingler for several massages, refined hard wood deal with is silky smooth to decrease hand fatigue. Merely flex open the copper prongs to fit your special head sizes and shape, then move the Head Trip slowly from the crown of your head down to simply above your eyebrows. You will not think the experience!

The Tingler Head Massager is a healing massage tool created to promote nerves and accupressure points on the scalp and neck. Non-invasive and exceptionally efficient, the Tingler Head Massager is an economical, “anywhere, anytime” way to benefit from this olden approach of scalp massage. The Tingler Head Massager is utilized for both stress relief and improving the condition of the scalp and hair. The Head Tingler gently promotes the countless nerve endings on your scalp and neck, along with acupressure points, helping to ease tension!

With the Tingler Head Massager, you will tingle all over, from your head all the way down to your toes. There’s an actually good opportunity you will get goose bumps or your hair will stand on end. The Tingler sends out shivers up and down your spine, sending you into a state of cosmic happiness and pleasure. The Head Tingler carefully massages pressure points and delicate nerve endings on the head and neck. A remarkable natural recovery massager, the Tingler assists eliminate tension and stress. Research studies have revealed that 90% of all illnesses are tension associated. Numerous Tingler users state their headaches disappear!

Tingler Massager Includes:
– Spider-Shaped Device
– Taps into Your Bodies Electrical Fields
– No Batteries Required
– Simple Design
– Relieves tension and tension
– Dissolves Tension
– Gently massages pressure points and sensitive nerve endings on the head and neck.
– Gives you goose bumps from Head to Toe

The Tingler is the supreme head massager. The Tingler is a spider-shaped device made from pure copper. Made of 10 versatile copper tines that carefully promote the nerve endings in your scalp. The Tingler causes an increased, blissful activation of the senses, awakening your brain while alleviating stress and tension. The copper gently massages your scalp, providing you the ‘tingles’ from your go to your toes.

The Tingler provides an instant blast of enjoyable, love, laughter and delight. It produces endorphins and cortisone in the body– so you feel happy, relaxed and promoted all at the exact same time. The tingly sensation lasts, effecting you physically, psychologically and emotionally. A healthier choice that gives you an organic buzz, The Tingler is easy to take with you. Wherever you go, you can share it with anybody you spread the love and understand. Plus, there are no batteries needed. The brilliance of The Tingler is its simplicity!

While perfect for massage, other uses for The Tingler consist of:
– Hair salons and medspas
– Remarkable enjoyable at celebrations
– Valuable in momentarily eliminating the pains and pains of those with disabilities
– Used by numerous headache victims for momentary discomfort relief
– A terrific worker or business partner present
– For utter relaxation, stress and moderate pain relief
– The perfect present for the person who “has everything”
– Perfect for laboring mothers

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