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Drinking enough water isn’t actually enough. You need to drink the right sort of water – water that will help buffer acid, assistance eliminate toxic substances, and is quickly soaked up by your body. You require excellent tasting water with antioxidant properties and appropriate pH levels. Plus, when you consume alkaline water frequently, you’re assisting your body to hydrate itself as well as flush out toxins and waste items.

Drink the best type of water– water that will assist buffer acid, help remove contaminants, and is easily soaked up by your body. Water should taste excellent and having antioxidant residential or commercial properties and correct pH levels. Here’s your possibility to obtain the water you desire at a cost you can manage.

Having a LivingWater is like owning a limitless supply of alkaline, ionized, healthy water. If you’re attempting to lose weight, you may get an increase there. In general, there’s no much better way to assist stay healthy. LivingWater is an innovative method to water ionization. The Direct Disk Ionization Technology and constant power output design produce ionized water with the least quantity of electrical energy needed.

Features of Vollara’s Living Water System
– Direct Disc Ionization (DDI)– Uses a single platinum covered titanium disc electrode that ionizes water with the same effect as a multi-plated ionizing units. This system uses less rare-earth elements than other machines and requires less maintenance.
– Environmentally Friendly– Vollara Alkaline Ionized Water Machines are more energy efficient than other leading brand names. They are developed to reduce products required and energy essential to power the ionizer. In addition, the ionization disc is recyclable.
– Optimal ORP– Alkaline Ionized Water Device by Vollara produces optimum unfavorable Oxidation Decrease Possible (ORP) with a greater circulation rate that previous innovation, such as electrolysis chambers.
– Maximum Security– Mineral scale causes platinum plating to wear away on solid plates, and less expensive mesh plates can have exposes titanium alloy. Since Vollara’s Alkaline Ionized Water Device utilizes DDI, it eliminates the danger of heavy metals seeping into the water.
– Continuous Power– Vollara’s patented constant power monitors the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of your water source, and automatically adjusts the power to preserve constant pH levels. This distinct water cooled power supply allows for consistent operation without overheating. Standard strong or mesh plate ionizers can just operate for a minimal time before overheating and shutting down.
– High Quality Filter– The dual purification system gets rid of chlorine and other impurities from faucet water and makes natural coral calcium available when water is acidic or soft. A carbon and sediment filter eliminates taste and odor from water, while the carbon and food grade sulfite filter guarantees correct mineralization.
– Living Water Ionizer– Sleek, modern-day “stainless-steel” colored exterior will fit in with a modern-day kitchen area design. Installation is fast and easy. All you need is a standard sink faucet!
– Long Life– With proper care and low-level maintenance, the Living Water unit provides a longer service than standard plate units. Vollara likewise provides a 5 year warranty.
– Water Variety– The Alkaline Ionized Water Device by Vollara can reach greater pH levels than other leading ionizer systems. With 8 different options, you can adjust the pH level on this machine from 4.0 strong acidic water to 11.0 strong alkaline water, with optimum drinking water options 8.5-9.5 pH.

Benefits of Living Water
1. When you reach the wanted pH level, Digital reader that reveals you.
2. Accomplishes optimal ORP levels at a greater circulation rate than other machines.
3. Supplies acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking, right from your faucet
4. Produces strong acidic water for cleaning without chemicals
5. Produces water with outstanding negative Oxidation Decrease Potential (ORP) for increased antioxidant residential or commercial properties
6. Quickly sets up to your existing faucet without any special pipes.

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